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A Sticky Situation
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EW, are you listening to our conversation? If you're going to hang around down by our feet you may as well make yourself useful. Go ahead fucktard, start massaging our perfect feet. Don't expect any attention from us. We're way too busy making plans for our big weekend, pulling hot guys in the club is going to be so much fun while you do nothing at home. You should be cleaning while we're away this weekend. In fact why don't you start now? We're going to drip our ice lollies onto our socks and you're going to lick it off. Oh my god you're such a loser, you just keep licking and licking, getting stickier and sticker and we keep making more and more mess! Just keep licking that sticky juice from our socks foot bitch and listen to how you're going to be completely cuckolded this weekend.
Princess Ashleigh
31/01/2017 - 0 minutes
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PrincessAshleigh - A Sticky Situation - #humiiation