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Feminised And Abandoned
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I'm dressing you up in the girliest outfit tonight sissy. I'm going to put you into a pair of extra fluffly, pink frilly panties, a tiny, flimsy little dress, seamed stockings and the tallest heels for you to wobble around on. Your makeup is going to be oh-so slutty and your wig will be the prettiest blonde bimbo lockes imagineable. You are going to look like the most perfect sissy-doll you could possibly dream to be. And then? Haha! And then I'm going to bundle you into the back of my car and I'm going to drive you to the roughest, most dangerous part of town where I'm going to throw you out so that you can find your own way home. You're going to have a VERY eventful evening I can assure you. The area I'm going to abandon you in is notorious for gang attacks on pretty little things like you. I think you're going to make the perfect prey for one of these gangs don't you think sissy? Let me explain what I think will happen to you when one of the all-black gangs stumble upon you trying to find your way home. You're going to be forced to your knees and force-fucked over and over again. You're going to be made to beg them for more, and they're going to take you with their huge black cocks until you are crying your pretty little heart out. You are going to be pumped full of gang cum and passed around like the sissy sex-toy you are and there's nothing you can do to stop them. When they're finished with you, and you're left in some filthy alleyway, with your dress torn and your panties soaked in their cum, you can think about how you're going to make it home before another gang find you!
Princess Ashleigh
13/03/2017 - 0 minutes
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PrincessAshleigh - Feminised And Abandoned - #humiiation