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Fucked On My Spikes
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I'm in the mood for some entertainment today and you've been selected as the lucky slave boy to entertain me. You are finally going to get fucked. Getting excited loser? Well before you cum in your device I should let you know that your useless pin-dick isn't going to be unlocked from your cock prison any time soon. So you're probably wondering how you're going to be fucked? Well I'll explain I'm going to bend you over and fuck your sissy-wimp ass with my ultra high, ultra sharp spiked boot heels. I'm not going to be gentle with you either fag. I'm going to use my heel to make you scream in agony little bitch boy. You're going to get pounded in your ass by my boot heels until I'm completely satisfied that you've been taught your lesson.
Princess Ashleigh
31/01/2017 - 0 minutes
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