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Total Sissy Shopping Shame Game
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I have the perfect humiliation assignment game for you sissy public-humiliation addicts. I'm going to tell you exactly what to do with your day at the shops. It's going to be totally embarrasing for you and hilarious for me. You're going to wish the whole world would swallow you up when all the hot girls at the mall are pointing and laughing at you but you'll keep your pretty head up and complete your assignment to the letter. I'm not going to ruin things by telling you too much about your day at the mall but be assured you'll be crying tears of shame down your girlie, powdered cheeks by the end of the day. You'll start your day in male clothing and you'll stay at the mall until it's dark and you're looking like a complete and utter slut of a girl. You'll have nowhere to hide in the busy mall - you're going to soak up as much public humiliation as I decide to give you. Now show me how much of a sissy humili-junkie you are and by this clip!
Princess Ashleigh
12/03/2017 - 0 minutes
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PrincessAshleigh - Total Sissy Shopping Shame Game - #humiiation